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  AZ Payson

january 2014
Last Modified:
february 2018

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Location description

About 15 mile East of Payson, Arizona (USA), is Payson Paleo Monument. This park is free to access and open from dusk till dawn. There are plenty of parking spaces. Fossils in these outcrops are from the Naco Group, Pennsylvanian (Upper Carboniferous). Most common fossils are brachiopods, crinoids and bryozoans. Look for fossils in the hills on the western side, in the material on the eastern side or in the forrest on the southern side. A sign with pictures of fossils from this locality helps with the identification. The hills along the main road, within a radius of 3 mile from this locality, are also good sites to hunt for fossils 

A screwdriver or small garden shovel is all you need to work loose the fossils. Hamers and chisels are not necessary. Payson does have a "Dollar Store", where you can buy the necessary equipment for  $1 a piece.

The best time to go fossilhunting here is during spring and fall, because of the lower temperatures. It can get very hot here in summertimes. 


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Added by: courthouse68 on 20-02-2018

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Payson is located in the center of the state of Arizona, about 100 kilometers southeast of Flagstaff. The fossil park is about 15 miles East of Payson, AZ, on the southside of Highway 260. You can reach the park from the road that goes to the east. There is a green sign just before the exit. If you see Kohl's Ranch exit, you are 1 mile too far. Drive 3 miles back to the west, where you can turn to the east. From the parking, you go through a gate in the fence to reach the fossil site. 

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Most common fossils are brachiopods, crinoids and bryozoans

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