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november 2002
Last Modified:
may 2009

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Location description

In the Millau area in southern France marls are found from the Toarcien (part of the Jurassic period). Often you can find many fossils in the marls.

In the city of Millau there is a beautiful fossil museum near the city center.

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Marl sediments at Fontaneilles.
Added by: Guus Geluk on 21-03-2012

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You can find these deposits everywhere around the villages of Tournemire, Tournedous and Roquefort (southwest of Millau). You can recognize the marls by its grey color and that it lacks vegetation.

Also in the area northeast of Millau these layers are exposed between Aguessac and Rivière-sur-Tarn.

From Aguessac (from motorway exit Gorge du Tarn) use road D907 in direction Rivière-sur-Tarn. After the village go left onto a small mountain road (D190) to Fontaneille. After the village, after the footpath, go left to the Peyrelade chapel and the radiotower (near the steep cliff). Park your car at the rubbishdump, and go to the hills at the right side of the road. The ammonites are found low, the bivalves and gastropods are found higher on the hills.

A few hundred meters further, you can also try your luck at the lower slopes. In the riversides of the Tarn river near Camping van Aguessac (road N9-E11), you can find belemnites, ammonites and crinoids.

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The finds are mainly belemnites. Pyritised ammonites are also common. You can also find gastropods, bivalves and crinoids.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Andreas E. Richter, 1979: Sudfrankreich und seine Fossilien. Geologie und Paläontologie von Caussus und Provence. Ein Wegweiser für den Liebhaber
    beschrijving van vindplaatsen, vondsten en ontstaansgeschiedenis.
    Added by PierreMatsThies
  • Anonymus, 1982: Ammonites des terres noires de grands causses. Tombe 1, 2 3
    beschrijving van ammonieten van de terres noires omgeving Millau
    Added by PierreMatsThies
  • Arnold Winkler, 1992: Fossilien, Zeitschrift für Hobbypaläontologen. Sonderheft 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10. Jura-Fossilien erkennen und bestimmen. Teil II Muscheln und Korallen. Teil III Stachelhäuter, Schnecken, Schwämmen. Teil IV, V, Vi, VII Ammoniten
    determinatie van Jura fossielen
    Added by PierreMatsThies
  • Dr. Danylo Kubryk, 2014: Grands Causses. Fossilienfunde aus dem Toarcium und Domerium von Mende und Milau. Der steinkern heft 17. Die Fossilien-Zeitschrift der Internet-Community Steinkern.de.
    Beschrijving van vele fossielen uit deze regio. met vele kleurenfoto\'s.
    Added by PierreMatsThies
  • Gerhard Hagele, 1997: Fossilien. Sonderband 11. Juraschnecken. Beschreibung der bekannten Schnecken des Schwäbische Juras. Mit Angaben ihres Vorkommes auch in anderen Gebieten
    beschrijving van slakken uit de Jura
    Added by PierreMatsThies
  • Romain Jattiot & Vincent Trincal, 2015: Guide des ammonites pyriteuses. Toarcien moyen et supérieur des Causses (Lozere - France). Gisement - Inventaire - Identification
    Beschrijving van ammonieten uit het Toarciaan van Zuid-Frankijk. Met kleurenfoto\'s en kenmerken. Bovendien is per soort aangegeven met welke ander soorten verwarring op kan treden.
    Added by PierreMatsThies

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