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  Les Baronnies

april 2003
Last Modified:
october 2013

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Location description

In the Les Barronies region is the northeastern Provence, France. There are sediments exposed from the lower Cretaceous period.

The layers are not very solid, and it can be difficult to extract complete fossils. It is possible some locations are placed inside reserves. Please make sure you obey the local regulations on fossil collecting.

See also the Dutch booklet from GEA: "Het onder-Krijt van de Provence" (march 1988).

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Finds from Col de Premol.
Added by: ANNIEREYNAERTS on 26-03-2012

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The area is located northeast of Nyons between Avignon and Grenoble. Use a detailed map of the area for the exact locations.

  • 1. Around Eyroles and in direction Villeperdrix (northeast of Nyons) sediments from the Valanginian are exposed.
  • 2. At La Charce and Rottier (northeast of Remuzat) sediments from the lower Cretaceous period are exposed. At the village of Bruis, 4 kilometres east of La Charce, you can find ammonites and ceratites. In the village, take the path with the sign "La Grange" (name of a house).
  • 3. At Col de Premol (between La Charce en Luc en Diois via road D61) and surrounding, sediments from the Valanginian are exposed.
  • 4. Arpavon (northeast of Nyons).
  • 5. In Saut-de-la-Drôme sediments from the Berriasian are exposed. From Luc en Diois take the road D93 to the south. Before the large curve go right in direction Salles. The sediments are exposed on the right along the road.
  • 6. La Haute Beaume is located northwest of Aspres sur B. Alongside road D28 in direction La Faurie you can find sediments from the Valanginian.
  • 7. At La Faurie on a hill sediments from the Berriasian are exposed. From La Faurie take road N75 to the north. After 1 kilometre go to the right over a small road. Wark alongside the railroad tracks to the north. Nowadays however, the vegetation on this site is seriously limiting collection possibilities.
  • 8. Along road D106 between Col de Fays and Establet you can find nice ammonites in the layers. Is is very difficult to extract them in one piece (see photo).
  • 9. Along road D61, halfway between Bellegarde and Diois you can find nice ammonites in a slope at the left of the road.
  • 10. Barret le Bas (Gorges de la Méouge), Hautes Alpes. In the slope north of Barret, you can find nice fossils: ammonites, belemnites, bivalves. Northwest of Barret le Bas, along road D30 between Laborel and Orpierre there are marls at the right side of the road. If you are precise, you can find nice fossils (see photo).
  • 11. Villeperdrix On the slopes you can find many ammonites.
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The finds are mainly gastropods, brachiopods, crinoids, bivalves, sea urchins and ammonites.

You need to write down the exact layers the fossils come from, with the help of a stratigraphic table. The is necessary for the identification of the fossils.

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