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  Qatar Desert

december 2013
Last Modified:
december 2013

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Location description

The desert of Qatar consists mainly of dolomite and limestone of the Damman formation from the middle Eocene, topped by Quaternary sands. In many places the Eocene limestone portrudes from the sand. In this eroded limestone various marine fossils can be found at the surface. The best places to look are the areas where pieces of limestone surface on the hills. Usually recognizable by the dark pieces Hematite.

Other formations from eras such as the Miocene are present in Qatar, but have a much smaller distribution. See also the geological map of Qatar on this site (Damman formation is light green). An all terrain vehicle is essential in the desert, it is also wise to take a guide with you and ask the owner of the lands for permission to collect fossils. Never go alone, because the desert can be dangerous.

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The best place to search is in the interior of Qatar. Due to building and road construction, however, outcrops also occur. Use the geological map.
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Bivalves, gastropods, coral, shark and ray teeth (white in color), nautilus, sea urchins (spines), foraminifers, fish teeth (Actinopterygii), ostracods.

Literature recommended by members

  • Jacques LeBlanc, Since 2008: See several documents on the geology and paleontology of Qatar under the following link: https://sites.google.com/site/leblancjacques/fossilhome
    Added by jacquesleblanc

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