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  Jebel Zireg

december 2013
Last Modified:
december 2013

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This location is closed or not accessible anymore !!!

Location description

Jebel Zireg is a mountain south of the Mader basin. Various formations from the lower and middle devonian are accessible, and some layers are commercially excavated for trilobites

Recently, the region is largely off limits (borderland).

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Jebel Zireg lies east of Tafraoute and can only be reached with a decent ATV.

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Mainly trilobites and corals.

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A Stratigraphic Column from this location is available. You can use the column to find specific layers at the location.

Literature recommended by members

  • Gibb S & Chatterton B., 2010: Gerastos (Order Proetida; Class Trilobita) from the Lower to Middle Devonian of the southern Moroccan Anto-Atlas region. Palaeontographica Canadiana 30.
    Added by Frederik
  • Lerosey-Aubril R, Feist R, Chatterton B, 2008: The ontogeny and systematics of the otarionine trilobite Otarionella from the Devonian of the Montagne Noire, France and the Maider, Morocco. Geol. Mag. 145 (1): 55–71.
    Added by Frederik
  • Van Viersen AP, Holland D, 2016: Morphological trends and new species of Cyphaspis (Trilobita, Otarioninae) in the Devonian of Morocco, Turkey, Germany and Belgium. GeologicaBelgica­ 19 (3-4)
    Added by Frederik
  • van Viersen, AP & Prescher, H, 2011: New species of the Lichid trilobite Ceratarges from the middle Devonian in morocco. Geologica Belgica 14 (3/4): 193-202.
    Added by Frederik

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