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  The Netherlands

november 2013
Last Modified:
november 2013

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Location description

On the waste tips of the former mines Hendrik and Emma you can find plant fossils from the Carboniferous. Despite daily removal of material, there is still an enormous amount of material remaining. In practice, this is the only locality in the region that still yields many coal fossils. A permit to access the site is relatively easy to obtain. 

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Waste heap of the coalmine Hendrik-Emma, september 2013.
Added by: Gerard Willemen on 07-11-2013

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The site is located at the Waubacherweg, Brunssum.

Depending on the direction you come from, many options are possible. Coming from the north, take the exit 47 at Born and follow Brunssum. This route takes you over German territory. Back in the Netherlands, there are 3 roundabouts, at every one of them, go straight ahead. Then, take the first to the left (Hoogenboschweg). On the next roundabout, again straight ahead. Then a sharp turn to the right. Straight ahead till you see the entrance of the site 'Hendrik' on your right hand side. There is a place to park your car. 

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Carboniferous - Westfalian

Finds: Calamites, Lepidodendron, Sigillaria, Stigmaria, ferns, etc.

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Literature recommended by members

  • C.J. Cleal, B.A. Thomas, 1994: Field Guide to Fossils Number 6: Plant Fossils of the British Coal Measures
    Een goede bais voor de determinatie van plantfossielen uit het carboon. Met determinatiesleutels, veel afbeeldingen en goede verwijzingen naar meer verdiepende literatuur. Deze publicatie is gericht op Groot-Brittanië, maar is ook goed bruikbaar voor fossielen die op het vasteland van Europa zijn gevonden.
    Added by KoenJ
  • J.Jongmans, 1911: Anleitung zur bestimmung der Karbonpflanzen West-Europas mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der in den Niederlanden und den benachberten Ländern gefundenen oder zu erwartenden Arten. Band 1 Thallophytae, Equisetales, Sphenophyllales. Herausgabe von der staatslichen Bohrverwaltungen in den Niederlanden. Mededelingen van de rijksopsporing van delfstoffen No. 3.
    Systematische beschrijving van \"lagere planen\" en paardestaart(achtigen) in het Carboon in West-Europa
    Added by PierreMatsThies

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Thanks to Gerard Willemen

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