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october 2012
Last Modified:
october 2012

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Location description

Near Biatorbágy is a natural limestone exposure from the middle Miocene (part of the Neogene period) where you can find various marine fossils. The limestone ridge is exposed about 20 to 60 meters above the valley floor.

Near Sóskút there are several quarries. The collecting possibilities here are unknown.

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The limestone exposure.
Added by: mmtread on 18-10-2012

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Biatorbágy is located 20 kilometers west of Budapest. Take the M1 highway until the Biatorbagy exit, and follow signs to Biatorbagy, which you will drive through. You will begin to see signs for Soskut and Etyek. Past Biatorbagy, the road forks - the righthand fork goes to Etyek, the left to Soskut. Stay left, and drive about one kilometer. You will see the cliffs on your left, where there is a dirt access road.Take that dirt road, and after about 50 meters you will come to a small parking area and trail head on the right. You can expect to find fossils anywhere in the area, but the ravine to the right of the trail, while difficult to access, is the best spot.

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Bivalves (i.e. oysters), gastropods.

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Thanks to Matthew Treadwell for sending this description.

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