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  Isle of Sheppey
  Great Britain

august 2012
Last Modified:
august 2012

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Location description

On the Isle of Sheppey, London clay deposits from the Yperian, Eocene, part of the Paleogene period are exposed. The clay was formed in sea in a warm climate and is very fossiliferous. Due to the closeness of land during deposition, plant fossils can be found as well.

Fossils can be found on the foreshore at low tide between the rocks on the beach. The best time to collect is in winter after a storm. Beware of deep mud. Boots are advised.

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The Isle of Sheppey is located in the southeast of England in Kent. The London Clay is exposed on the foreshore between Minster on Sea and Warden. From Warden walk to the northwest, or from Minster on Sea to the southeast.

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Fossil wood and plant seeds (pyritized), negatives of bivalves and gastropods, burrows of crabs, crabs, lobsters, fish and reptile remains, shark teeth, ray teeth, nautilus, remains of small mammals and birds (rare), insects.

An impressive number of species is known from this location. See also: www.sheppeyfossils.com

Literature recommended by members

  • Adrian Rundle, 2005: Guide to the London Clay of Sheppey
    ISBN: 978 0900717 65 9\r\n\r\nUitgever:Geologists\' Association\r\n\r\nHeel klein veldgidsje.
    Added by rebel
  • Margaret E. Collinson, 1983: Fossil plants of the London Clay
    ISBN :0 901702 26 9 \r\n\r\nUitgeverij :The Palaeontological Association \r\nZeer uitgebreide gids.
    Added by rebel
  • Rayner, D. et al., 2009: London Clay Fossils of Kent and Essex
    Medway Fossil and Mineral Society
    Added by FossilDude

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