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Ellipsocephalus Czech plate F4162
147.50 EUR

  General Roca

august 2012
Last Modified:
august 2012

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Location description

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This information about collecting locations is only available for active members of this website.
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Ammonites, nautiloids, crabs, bivalves, gastropods, sea urchins, bryozoa, corals, shark teeth, ray teeth, mammal remains, dinosaurs and other reptiles, fossil wood.

Manual species list General Roca, Argentine (without images)

Bivalves: Septifer mayai (Griffin, 2008) Mytilaster ¿edseli (Griffin, 2008) Gregariella amara (Griffin, 2008) Pinna s. aff. P. cretácea (Schlotheim, 1813) Pinna sp. Plesiopinna pampeana (Griffin, 2008) Atrina sp. Turkostrea damboreneae (Griffin, 2005) Turkostrea argentina (Griffin, 2005) Cubitostrea primordialis (Griffin, 2005) Camptonectes tutorae (Casadio, 2005) Plicatula georgiana (Fritzsche, 1919) Pycnodonte (Phygraea) burckhardti (Böhm, 1903) Pycnodonte (Phygraea) vesicularis (Lamarck, 1806) Pycnodonte (Phygraea) sarmientoi (Casadio, 1998) Gryphaeostrea callophyla (Ihering, 1903) Amphidonte mendozana (Ihering, 1907) Ostrea wilckensi (Ihering, 1907) Ostrea neuquena (Ihering, 1907) Cubitostrea ameghinoi (Ihering, 1902) Ambigostrea clarae (Ihering, 1907) Gyrostrea lingua (Camacho, 1968) “ “Venericardia” iheringii var. burckhardtii (Ihering) Arca ameghinorum (Ihering) Neilo sp. “Leda” cf. “Leda” perdita (Feruglio) “Phacoides” rocana (Ihering) “Dosinia” burckhardti (Ihering) “Tellina” burmeisteri (Ihering) Plicatula sp. “Chlamys” salamanca (Ihering) Leionucula dynastes (Ihering) Gregariella amara (Griffin)

Cephalopods: Ammonites: Eubaculites argentinicus (Weaver, 1927)

Cephalopods: Other (Nautiloids): Eutrephoceras sp. Hercoglossa rionegrensis (Reichler, 1995) Hecroglossa romeroi (Ihering, 1903) Hecroglossa aff. H. walteri (Miller, 1947) Cimomia camachoi (Masiuk, 1967) Alturia caroliameghinoi (Ihering, 1902)

Gastropods: Pseudotylostoma romeroi (Ihering) “Rostellaria” rothi (Ihering) Strutiochenopus patagonensis (Ihering) Turritella burckhardti (Ihering)

Crabs: Hoploparia cf. H. arbei (Aguirre-Urreta, 1989) Proterocaracinus lophos (Feldmann, 1995) Costacopluma australis (Feldmann, 1995) Glyphithyreus wichmanni (Feldmann, 1995) Thaumastoplax rocaensis (Feldmann, 1995) Xanthilites gerthi (Glaessner, 1930) Lobonotus lobulata (Feldmann, 1995) Callianassa burckhardti (Böhm, 1911)

Sea urchins: Paraster Joannisboehmi (Oppenheim in Böhm, 1903) Diplodetus nutrix (Lambert in Boule, 1899) Pygopistes parrasae (Parma & Casadío, 2005) Bolbaster argentinensis (Del Río, 2007)

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Literature recommended by members

  • Casadío, S., Rodriguez, M.F., Reichler, V.A., Camacho, H.H., 1999: Tertiary nautiloids from Patagonia, southern Argentina (AMEGHINIANA (Rev. Asoc. Paleontol. Argent.) - 36 (2): 189-202
    Dit is een goede beschrijving van de verschillende soorten Nautiloiden die in het Paleoceen van Argentinië voorkomen, inclusief foto\'s en info over het onderscheiden van soorten.
    Added by FossilDude
  • Claudia J. del Río, Andrea Concheyro and Sergio A. Martínez, 2011: The Maastrichtian-Danian at General Roca (Patagonia, Argentina): a reappraisal of the chronostratigraphy and biostratigraphy of a type locality (N. Jb. Geol. Paläont. Abh. 259/2, 129-156)
    Dit is een redelijk recent artikel met een beschrijving van de lokale geologie van de General Roca sectie, inclusief meerdere foto-platen van mollusken die gevonden kunnen worden op deze locatie.
    Added by FossilDude
  • Del Río, C.J. et al., 2007: Palaeontology of the Cerros Bayos section, Roca Formation (Danian), La Pampa Province, Argentina
    Alcheringa. DOI: 10.1080/03115510701484713
    Added by FossilDude
  • Parma, S.G. & Casadío, S., 2005: Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene echinoids from Northern Patagonia, Argentina
    Journal of Paleontology, 79 (6), pp. 1072-1087
    Added by FossilDude

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