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august 2012
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august 2012

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Location description

Near Boussages sediments from the Sinemurian (part of the Jurassic period) are exposed in roadcuts and other small exposures. These sediments are very rich in fossil crinoids.

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Collecting fossils at Boussagues.
Added by: TimoL on 26-07-2013

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Boussagues is located in the south of France, northwest of Montpellier. Park at La Croix de Clairac. Go to the shown coordinate, a 15 minite walk.

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Crinoids (i.e. Encrinus and Pentacrinus), bivalves and corals.

Literature recommended by members

  • Andreas E. Richter, 1979: Südfrankreich und seine Fossilien. Geologie und Paläontologie von Causses und Provence. Ein Wegweiser für die Liebhaber.
    Op pagina 15 staat een beschrijving van deze vindplaats en een opsomming van te vinden fossielen.
    Added by PierreMatsThies

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