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  Nemegt Basin

march 2012
Last Modified:
march 2012

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Location description

The Nemegt Basin (graben) is known for its fossil dinosaurs since the first discovery in the 1920's. Since the 1990's excavation has started again after a very long pause. Still many excititing discoveries are made. The finds from this site have led to new insight in the evolution of mammals and birds.

The fossils occur in deposits from the upper Cretaceous period. More precise the Djadochta, the Barun Goyot and the Nemegt formations.

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The Nemegt basin is located in the Gobi Desert in the south of Mongolia, Ömnögovi province. The Nemegt basin is more than 300 kilometers long in east west direction and can be easily seen on the aerial photographs.

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Dinosaurs (i.e. Oviraptor, Psittacosaurus, Gilmoreteius) and nests with eggs, fish (i.e. Stichopterus), trace fossils, primitive mammals.

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