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march 2012
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march 2012

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Location description

In the Bałtów area white limestone from the Oxfordian, part of the Jurassic period is exposed. Here many dinosaur tracks have been found.

In the Jurassic period the area was a warm sea with a coastline comparable to todays Florida coastline. On the beaches the dinosaurs left their footprints.

In Bałtów is a museum where you can learn about the geological history of the area and the dinosaurs. See http://www.juraparkbaltow.pl

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Collecting fossils near Baltów.
Added by: Gianno on 19-08-2013

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Bałtów is located in the southeast of Poland, about 175 kilometers south of Warschau.

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Brachiopods, bivalves, crinoids, corals, gastropods, sea urchins and ammonites. Dinosaur tracks are very rare.

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