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  UT House Range

september 2006
Last Modified:
september 2012

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Location description

House Range in Millard County, west-central Utah is known for its beuatifull fossil trilobites from the middle Cambrian period (Wheeler Shale). At several sites is is possible to ollect in commercial pay quarries. One of these quarries is the U-dig quarry. There are several other quarries also. You can also visit the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

The fossils are found in thin laminated limestone. The rock splits easy. The Weeler Shale is a Konzentrat-Lagerstätten. The fossils have great preservation and numbers, including preservation of soft bodies in certain horizons. In the U-dig quarry tools are available. Bring work gloves, and enough food and water yourself. The entrance fee is per hour, and quite expensive. The quarry is open from april to september. See also the website http://www.u-digfossils.com/ for details and fees.

Closeby is the New Dig quarry, anather place to dig for trilobites. See also http://www.anewdiginc.com/

You can also explore around and prospect in various natural exposures, and be skunked. Or you can find a rich zone and find hundreds of fossils. A reader of the site found many fossils at the Wheeler Amphitheatre. It is close to the U-Dig prospect (probably not a coincidence as they located themselves in a rich zone). You can explore the rises and washes moving east away from the road for different strata and types of fossils. This is BLM land an open to collection, is my understanding.

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Plate with trilobites from the U-dig quarry. The largerst one is 1.9 cm.
Added by: Isis on 22-03-2012

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The U-dig quarry is about 80 kilometres west of Delta in the state Utah. The quarry is located close to Antelope Springs. From Delta use Highway 6/50. At the sign “Long Ridge Reservoir” to the right, and follow the gravel road for 30 kilometrs. See the websites for exact directions.


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Trilobites (Elrathia kingii, Asaphiscus wheeleri, Peronopsis interstricta are common. Rare species are Bolasidella housensis, Alokistocare harrisi and Olenoides nevadensis), brachiopods, sponges and worm traces.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Hintze, L.F., Robison, R.A., 1975: Middle Cambrian Stratigraphy of the House, Wah Wah, and Adjacent Ranges in Western Utah
    Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 86, p. 881-891, 5 figs., July 1975, Doc. no. 50701.
    Added by FossilDude

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