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september 2006
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september 2006

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Location description

Near Lacoste in the south of France, limestones from the Helvetian (part of the Miocene, Neogene period) are exposed in several large quarries. Some layers contain many fossils. The village is known for the casthle of the legendary Marquis de Sade.

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The village of Lacoste is located at the north part of the Montagne du Luberon, about 15 kilometres eastsoutheast of Apt in the south of France (region Vaucluse).

West of the castle are several large quarries where the limestone is exposed.

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In the limestones, you can find bivalves (Gigantopecten restitutensis) up to ten centimetres. Regular sea urchins also occur (i.e. Tripneustes parkinsoni).

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