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  Great Britain

august 2006
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august 2006

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Location description

In the National Stone Centre in Middleton in Derbyshire you can learn about geology, and it is possible to collect fossils in an old quarry (See website http://www.nationalstonecentre.org.uk). The centre itself has a good museum and tour of stone information. There is a walking tour around this disused quarry which points out various fossil locations and reconstructs how the area would have looked.

The centre itself is particularly suitable for novice fossil collectors as it is a very safe place to hunt fossils.

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Skin spines from sharks (several millimeters a piece). Photo: Melanie Wilson
Added by: admin on 23-03-2012

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The National Stone Centre is located in Derbyshire. The centre is near road B5035 (Cromford-Carsington road south of Matlock). Coordinates: 428750E 355265N (N53:05:38 W1:34:20)

From the Car park of the National Stone Centre you can access a disused railway and walkers path, as you face the path from the car park, you need to follow it left. After 50 metres or so you can enter another disused quarry. This is a very special site as it has, as well as most of the fossils above, dermadenticals (tooth like growths on sharks skin) is great abundance. It is thought that this area might have been a bank of some sort where carcasses go stuck, as there are a huge amount in one place and it is quite unusual. It is also possible to find sharks teeth, although I haven't as yet!

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There are various Carboniferous fossils to be found including crinoids, coral, brachiopods, in the various piles of scree in the centre. In the second disused quarry you can find derma denticals (tooth like growths on sharks skin) and possible shark teeth.

Derma denticals from sharks (few millimetres each). © Photo: Melanie Wilson

Literature recommended by members

  • C.J. Cleal and B.A. Thomas, 1994: Plant fossils of the British coal measures
    The Palaeontological Association Londen, ISBN: 0-901702-53-6
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Society: East Midlands Geological Society: University of Nottingham


Thanks to Melanie Wilson for sending this description.

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