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august 2006
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august 2006

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Location description

Digne-les-Bains, in the southeast of France is located in the middle of the Geological reserve of the Haute Provence. The reserve covers an area of 150000 hectares, and is the largest geological reseve in Europe. In this reserve many interesting sites and excavations can be seen. At some sites collecting fossils is strictly forbidden, but in the rest of the reserve collecting fossils on a small scale and without equipment is allowed. Everywhere in the area you can get leaflets with a description of the interesting points in the reserve.

Near Digne you can see the spectacular "Dalle aux Ammonites". Here you can see many large ammonites (up to carwheel size!) in a vertical rockface. The ammonites are from the Sinemurian, part of the Jurassic period.

Also visit the closeby Musée Promenade. The museum on top of a hill is very worthwhile, and is easily found (see pictures)!

Further to the north, the road leads you along several geological interesting points, and through gorges. You can see the spot where bird tracks from the Miocene have been found (15 km north of Digne). Near Barles, you can find plantfossils from the Carboniferous period.

Also southwest of Digne you can find fossils at the Col the Corobin. Use road D20 to the southwest from Digne-les-Bains. After the Col at your right tilted layers are exposed. Here you can find ammonites and belemnites from the Batjocian and Bathonian (part of the middle Jurassic period). When following this road to the south, you can see beautiful rock formations near Chaudon (see photograph). Here I did not find any fossils though.

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The exposure opposite to the campingsite, east of Digne
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Digne-les-Bains is located in the southeast of France, north of the Verdon area. East of the city of Digne you can find fossils from the Jurassic period.

From Digne, follow road D20 to the east. Behind the Intermarche supermarket at your right, sediments are exposed. Also opposite the campingsite you can find fossils. There are many other exposures of rocks in the area where you can look for fossils. When you follow the road, you will pass the Col the Corobin site.

The Dalles aux Ammonites (ammonite valley) is located on the road to Barles, several kilometres north of Digne. Along this road you can also visit the Musée Promenade, at the other side of the river in Digne.

North of Barles, coallayers from the Carboniferous period are exposed. The exposure can be found when you follow road D900A from Barles to the north. After a few kilometres go left on road D7. Just after the bridge over the river, you will notice the black shales in wich you can find plant fossils.

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In the limestones from the Cretaceous exposed in the area around Digne, you can find various fossils. You can find ammonites, bivalves, crinoids and gastropods.

In the coal layers from the Carboniferous period you can find various plant fossils.

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