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may 2006
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may 2006

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Location description

The Brazilian state of Ceará is known for its fossil fish exports. Ofted because of poverty, these fossils are excavated by the local inhabitants in the quarries in the area. Unfortunately, important fossils do not get investigated by paleontologists because of the commercial exploitation.

The well preserved fish are from the lower Cretaceous period (Aptian and Albian), and are about 80 milion years old.

The best known fish from this location is the Vinctifer comptonii, an Aspidorhynch species. These fish are found in so called fish-breads. Concretions with the fossil fish inside.

The shown Dastilbe is a fossil that is being exported on a large scale the past years. Many fossil Dastilbe fish appear to have a broken neck. This is a normal after death symptom with these fish.

The Santana formation (coastal deposits) in the Araripe basin consists of alternating layers of sandstone, laminated limestones (with the fish fossils), shales and siltstone.

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The area is located in the northeast of the Brazilian province of Ceara. Most fossils are found at the Araripe plateau. Especially near Chapada do Araripe many dig for fossils. In Nova Olinda, Santa Rita, Caldas and Santana do Cariri there are quarries.

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Fossil fish. The fossil below Dastilbe sp. and Vinctifer comptonii are very common. Other fossils found in this region are insects and plants. Fossil reptiles are also found (i.e. crocodiles and turtles).

Very important finds from this regio are the large number of Pterosaurs. In the Dutch museum Naturalis there is a complete specimen from this site.

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