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january 2006
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january 2006

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Location description

In the south of Poland near Opole in 1993 a bonedeposit was found in a clay quarry. Many skelettal reamins from vertebrates like dinosaurs were found. Since then many excavations have taken place by employees and students of the universities of Opole and Wroclaw.

In this large quarry clay from the Keuper (part of the Triassic period) is exposed. This is used for the production of cement.

The area was in the Triassic the mouth of a river. That is why so many bones are found here. The animals accumulated at the mouth of the river in a kind of graveyard. The bones are exeptionallo well preserved. Several complete skelettons were found.

Mainly bones from crocodile like reptiles, amphibians and dinosaurs from a freshwater environment are found. The location became known when in 2000 bones from an unknown pre-dinosaur were found. This dinosaur was named Silesaurus (Silesaurus opolensis). The fossils are about 225 milion years old.

In february 2000 the quarry became a protected area. Excavations are only allowed with the consent of the authorities. You are not allowed to collect fossils youself, but you can visit the museum an see the finds. See http://www.dinopark.pl for more information (in Polish).

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Excavation in the Krasiejów quarry. Photo: Ingrid Kielen
Added by: admin on 16-03-2012

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Krasiejów is located in the south of Poland, about 30 kilometres east of Opole. Take the road from Opole in direction Czestochowa. The quarry is located close to the village of Ozimek. See map for details.

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The most important finds are dinosaurs (Metoposaurus, Capitosaurus, Phytosaurus, Rauisuchus Cyclotosaurus and the plant eaters Aetosaurus and Silesaurus opolensis. Also amphibians (Capitosaurus, Paleorhinus, Stagonolepis and Teratosaurus), insects, and fishes have been found.

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Thanks to Ingrid Kielen for her contribution to this description.

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