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august 2005
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february 2008

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Location description

The Ertebølle Høved, or hill, at the eastcoast of the Limfjord consists of Moler deposits. These are similar to the deposits on the islands of Fur en Mors. The cliff is located from the northeast to the southwest. The Moler deposits consist of diatoms and volcanic ash from the Eocene (part of the Paleogene period). The ash was periodically deposited in water.

Aquatic animals were sometimes cought in the ashfalls and buried very fast. Plant remains are also found. The ash came from a volcano in the Kattegat region in the Eocene. During several iceages the Moler deposits were folded. Fossils from the Moler are quite rare.

Ertebølle is also known for its archeological remains from the stoneage. Remains from the Ertebølle culture were found here. Southeast of the cliff(Køkkenmøddinger) you can see several remains. You can also visit the museum near Ertebølle Høved to learn more about this stoneage culture.

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The cliff.
Added by: Gunther on 23-06-2011

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Ertebølle is located at the eastcoast of the Limfjord, about 50 kilometres southwest of Aalborg.

You can park at the stone age museum. Go onto the beach, and walk about 200 metres to the left. The Moler clays are well exposed over a few hundred metres.

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Fish remains and plant remains are found in the Moler deposits. Between the rocks on the beach you can find fossils, like sea urchins, from the Cretaceous period.

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Museum: Morslands Historiske Museum - Moler Museet


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