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august 2005
Last Modified:
august 2009

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Location description

In Buttenheim there is a clay quarry where layers from the lower Jurassic period are exposed (Lias, Pliensbachian). In the sediments you can find ammonites and other fossils.

You can ask permission to enter the quarry at the workers in the quarry. Most times this is no problem.

A second old quarry in Unterstürmig is closeby. There is nothing to find anymore. Until the 1990's is was a fossil collectors heaven.

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The quarry Buttenheim/"Holzbachacker" in 2008.
Added by: Sönke on 23-06-2011

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Buttenheim is located in the southeast of Germany, about 15 kilometres south of Bamberg. The exact location of the quarry is not known to me.

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Ammonites, gastropods.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Sönke Simonsen & Wolfgang Dietz, 2012: Die Tongrube Buttenheim Steinkern-Sonderheft Nr. 2 Neuauflage
    Uitgebreidte beschrijving van de kleigroeve en de fossielen met veel kleurenfotos. Zeer geschickt voor determinatie.
    Added by Xenina

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