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may 2005
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february 2008

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Location description

At the eastside of the Limfjord is the “Fredrik VII Canal”, built between 1855 and 1861 because the shipping was hindered by the “Løgstør Grunde” sandbank.

Large amount of bryozoan chalks from the lower Danian (zone Tylocidaris oedumi, part of the Paleogene period) was moved. The chalk was dumped at the westside of the canal on the shore. Because of the constant erosion you can find many fossils here. Alse keen an eye on possible building sites.

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The Limfjord coast at Løgstør.
Added by: Galeocerdo on 21-03-2012

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Løgstør is located in the middle of the Limfjord area in the north of Denmark. In Løgstør follow the signs for “Limfjord Museum”. Park at the museum. From the museum it is a 200 metres walk to the beach.

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Mainly sea urchins. Echinocorys sulcata is the most common, but you can also find regular species like Stereocidaris rozenkrantzi and Tylocidaris oedumi. You can also find corals, crinoid stems, brachiopods and bivalves.

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Museum: Morslands Historiske Museum - Moler Museet


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