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august 2004
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february 2008

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Location description

The Bulbjerg is a cliff at the Danish north coast. In the Bryozoan limestone from the lower Danian (part of the Paleogene period) you can find various fossils. The cliff is 47 metres high, and is the only bird cliff in Denmark. After the last iceage this hill first was an island. The limestone contains many flintlayers. In the hard limestones and in the flint it is best to collect fossils. The limestones were pushed to the surface by saltdomes in the underground.

The nearby limestone hill the "Klim Bjerg" contains a quarry. The former chalkoven is now a museum. The quarry is open for the public to collect fossils.

Between the erratics on the beach you can find trace fossils of worms in sandstones from the Cambrian period. These stones were tranported here from the north by glaciers in the iceages.

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The coast near Bulbjerg.
Added by: Galeocerdo on 23-06-2011

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The Bulbjerg is located at the northern Danish coast, east of Hanstholm, near Fjerritslev. From Thorupstrand follow the Bulbergsvej road about 5 kilometres to the west. The quarry in the Klim Bjerg is located about 2 kilometres north of the Klim village, and about 2 kilometres from the beach.

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In the limestones: sea urchins (i.e. Galerites, Echinocorys and Tylocydaris), sponges (i.e. Coscinopora, Aphrocallistes and Ventriculites), crinoids (Isselicrinus), brachiopods and bryozoans.

In the sandstones on the beaches: Several types of burrows (Scolithos, Diplocraterion and Monocraterion) from the Cambrian period.

The collection possibilities on the beach are quite small. The old quarry Klim Bjerg is better.

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Museum: Morslands Historiske Museum - Moler Museet


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