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february 2005
Last Modified:
july 2012

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Location description

In the surroundings of Mende in the Cevennes region in France, marls from the Toarcian (part of the Jurassic period) are exposed. The marls are very fossiliferous.

Note! It is forbidden to pick fossils in the area shown below. North of the area it is still posible to collect fossils. For example at Les Bories Hautes.

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Protected area, fossil collecting not allowed.
Added by: Frederik on 21-03-2012

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Mende is located about 50 kilometres northeast of Millau in southern France.

Outcrops of the marls are present everywhere in the area south of Mende. You can easy recognise the soft marls because of the grey colour and the barren appearance. You can look for fossils for example in: Rouffiac, Langlade, Venede, Truc de Balduc and Ste. Helene.

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Mainly bivalves, brachiopods, gastropods, and ammonites. You can also find less common corals, fossil wood or belemnites.

The chances of finding fossils will vary with every outcrop. Fossils are sometimes pyritised, and need special conservation! See the page about the preparation of fossils.

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