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june 2002
Last Modified:
september 2005

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Location description

On the Danish island of Bornholm several Paleozoic layers (Cambrian to Permian periods) are exposed.

On the middle of the island at Aakirkeby there is a modern interesting natural history museum. The adress is Grønningen 30. You can learn here about the geology and fossils. See also the museum website.

In the German book "Fossilien suchen in Süd-Skandinavien" there are more descriptions of fossil collecting sites, but most of them are overgrown.

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The best way to travel to the Danish island of Bornholm is via Sweden. However, also ferries from Copenhagen and Poland go to Rønne on Bornholm. Because of the continuous erosion, the best collection sites are located at the coast. The northern half of the island consists of granite and is not interesting.

  • 1 Southeast coast
    At the sandy beaches at the south coast you can find yellow pieces of amber. The best time to look for amber is after storms.
  • 2 Arnager Klint
    Walk west from Arnager harbour. The cliff is about 20 metres high and about 200 metres long, and consist of limestone from the Cretaceous period. In the green colored glauconitic layers and in the limestones you can find bivalves (Inoceramus sp.), ammonites, belemnites and sponges.
  • 3 South coast near Arnager
    At the south coast, east of Rønne east of Arnager, you can find flat black stones. When split open, you can often find graptolites from the Silurian period.
  • 4 At the west coast of the island (about 6 km. north of Rønne in the Blykobbe Plantage) terrestrial sediments from the Permian period are exposed. Remains of crocodiles and turtles have been found here. The chances of finding nice fossils are small.
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Mainly amber and graptolites. In the limestone from the Creatceous period bivalves (Inoceramus sp.), ammonites, belemnites and sponges.

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