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  The Netherlands

june 2002
Last Modified:
march 2003

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Location description

The 'Hondsrug' between Haren en Groningen is a long low hill formed in the ice age In the 'Hondsrug' there is a layer of boulder clay (1 to 2 metres deep) covered with sand. The boulder clay contains rounded limestone pebbles which came from Scandinavia along with the ice. The limestone is from the Ordovician and Silurian periods.

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In red the approximate area where fossils can be found.
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You can find fossils between the 'Noorderstation' in Groningen and Haren. You have to look for temporary sites like construction sites. The availability of good collecting sites is very limited at most times.

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The finds are mainly tabulate corals and some rugose corals. I have collected over 40 species of corals in about 10 years. Also brachiopods, trilobites, orthoceras, bryozoans, algae, gastropods etc. can be found. Most fossils are from the Ordovician or Silurian periods, but occasionally you can find Cretaceous fossils.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Kurt Hucke, 1967: Einfuhrung in die Geschiebeforschung
    Een mooi boek over 'zwerfsteenkunde' dat bijna voor de helft uit foto's bestaat. het behandeld alle geologische periodes.
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