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  The Netherlands

november 2003
Last Modified:
may 2009

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Location description

The Maasvlakte is an enlargement of the harbour of Rotterdam. Sand from under the sea was used to built it. You can find fossil mammal bones from the Pleistocene (part of the Neogene period) in the sands.

In the Eighties, prehistoric items were found in the Maasvlakte sands. These items were left here by the first settlers of the western part of The Netherlands. These were buried in sandlayers in the middle Stoneage (around 7000 B.C.). The sealevel is now much higher. Parts of fish spears and other itemg have been found. Several finds are now in museums like the Rijksmuseum voor oudheden in Leiden.

The planned enlargement of the harbour area has started in 2008. This extension, named "the second Maasvlakte" yet again provided loads of fossils

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The Maasvlakte. In the back you see an area with the transported sand.
Added by: Alfer on 21-03-2012

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The Maasvlakte is located west of Rotterdam in the harbour area. At the beacjes sometimes fossils wash ashore.

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Mainly fossil mammal bones from the Pleistocene (part of the Neogene period).

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Literature recommended by members

  • Moerdijk et al., 2010: De fossiele schelpen van de Nederlandse kust
    NCB Naturalis, ISBN 978-90-5011-342-7
    Added by FossilDude
  • Reumer, J.W.F., Mol, D., Kahlke, R-.D., 2018: First finds of Pleistocene Macaca sylvanus (Cercopithecidae, Primates) from the North Sea
    Revue de Paléobiologie, Genève (décembre 2018) 37 (2): 555-560
    Added by FossilDude

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