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  The Netherlands

march 2003
Last Modified:
september 2009

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Location description

For years fossil mammal bones from the Pleistocene (part of the Neogene period) are fished from the bottom of the Northsea. These fossil bones are also known from the Westerschelde and the large rivers in The Netherlands.

The Northsea is a major supplier of mammoth bones (after Siberia). Most of the museum collections of mammal bones in The Netherlands came from the Northsea. Most fossil are fished up with fishnets (by accident) near the Deep Water Channel.

The Northsea was a tundra in the Pleistocene. Mammoths, woolly rhino, giant deer, moose, horses, wisent, bears, cave lions, and wolves where roaming the area.

This collecting site in not accessible to most fossil collectors, but sometimes you can buy fossils from the Northsea at mineral and fossil shows.

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The Dutch fishing fleet.
Added by: CaveCat on 21-03-2012

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Much items are found at the Brown ridge.

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Mainly fossil mammals from the Pleistocene (part of the Neogene period) are found.

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Literature recommended by members

  • Dick Mol, John de Vos, Remie Bakker, Bas van Geel, Jan Glimmerveen, Hans van der Plicht en Klaas Pos, 2008: Kleine encyclopedie van het leven in het pleistoceen
    Over mammoeten, neushoorns en andere dieren van de Noordzeebodem.
    Added by Trilobite
  • Langeveld, B. & Mol., D., 2019: Fossiele mollusken opgevist uit het Eurogeulgebied
    Afzettingen WTKG 40 (2), p31-40
    Added by FossilDude
  • Willemsen, G.F., 1987: Gids voor fossiele zoogdieren
    Korte beschrijving van vele Pleistocene zoogdieren, met enkele afbeeldingen. Niet geschikt voor determinatie, wel voor oppervlakkige achtergrondinformatie
    Added by webmaster

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