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march 2003
Last Modified:
april 2008

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Location description

At many places in the Tremp area sediments from the Paleogene and Cretaceous period are exposed. Rock exposures can be found along roads, hillsides and fields. Sea urchins are among the fossils found here.

Dinosaur bonebeds and footprints are found in the area. Moreover, the C-T boundary is present as well. It's no surprise then, the whole of the area is off-limits to amateur collectors, and careless fossil collectors might face a penalty when caught. Nonetheless, some local camp sites promote fossil collecting, which may cause confusion on the actual status of the area.


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A Turritella bed in the Figols section
Added by: FossilDude on 17-10-2016

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Tremp is located south of Andorra in northeastern Spain. In the Tremp area you can find fossils from the Tertiary period in Guardia de Tremp, Moro and Llimiana. Fossils from the Cretaceous period are found north of Tremp in Pobla de Segur (northeast of the artificial lake you can see the grey marls) and Sapeira. Collecting is prohibited in the geological reserve!

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Sea urchins, foraminifers.

Various foraminifers from Tremp. © Photo: Henri Pennings

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Literature recommended by members

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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by FossilDude
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    Added by Georockshop
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    Added by FossilDude

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