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september 2004
Last Modified:
january 2019

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This location is closed or not accessible anymore !!!

Location description

Just outside Robelmont is screeslope where you ammonites from the Jurassic age limestone from the Arlon formation could be found

The area is nowadays closed-off, and there is a sign showing "zone protégée". This outcrops has become a protected nature conservation area. Hunting fossils is no longer allowed. 

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Old quarry at the Rue de Moulin.
Added by: wilfred on 22-03-2012

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The location is situated to the southwest of Arlon, in the southern part of Belgium, near Luxembourg. Take from the E411/E25 the exit Etalle. Follow The N87 in the direction of the French border. About 13 kilometres after Etalle, go to the right, in the direction of Robelmont. Robelmont is not on the roadsigns! The location is situated at the "Rue Berchiwe" road, but is largely overgrown. Around the corner there is another exposure.

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Ammonites from the Jurassic age.

The location at the Rue the Moulin (at the red mark) is most worthwhile. You will find the ammonite Arites, mostly 5 cm in diameter. Further into the old quarry you will find the bivalve Oxites. Here you can search for fossils in the bottom of the old quarry. In 2007 bivalves were still common, but ammonites very rare.

Bivalve from Robelmont, about 6 centimetres. © Photo: Yannick van den Bergh

Ammonite from Robelmont. © Photo: Yannick van den Bergh

Found bivalves Oxites © Photo: Wilfred v/d Steen

Ammonites © Photo: Wilfred v/d Steen

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Thanks to Richard Lausberg for making this description and Casper Pranger for the translation.

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