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june 2002
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august 2009

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Location description

Gotland is a Swedish island in the Baltic sea. It is a paradise for fossil collectors. The island consists of slightly dipping limestone and marl layers from the Silurian period. There are several books about the fossils and geology of Gotland.

Literature suggestion: Sunstones and Catskulls, Guide to the fossils and Geology of Gotland van Sara Eliason. ISBN 91-88036-38-3.

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The rocky cost near Bürge at the westcoast of Gotland
Added by: gerzev on 13-03-2012

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You can reach the island by boat from the Swedish mainland. You can find fossils in most parts of the island. Sometimes you can see entire fossil reefs! The best places to look for fossils are located at the coastline. The marl layers north of Visby are highly fossilferous.

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Corals are most abundant with many species. You can also find many bivalves, trilobites, gastropods, and brachiopods.

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Literature recommended by members

  • sara Eliason, 2011: Fossilien auf Gotland Entstehung, Bestimmung und Fundorte ISBN 91-88036-39-1 Godrings Tryckeri AB, Visby 2011 (S)
    166 pagina\'s harde kaft, rijk geïllustreerde uitgave. Beschrijving van de geologische geschiedenis en gelaagdheid van Gotland, Beschrijving en foto\'s van ong. 100 soorten, 14 vindplaatsen en 12 lagen. Populair geschreven, niet te wetenschappelijk (voor de amateurverzamelaar). Met een beetje basiskennis van fossielen en geologie is de Duitse vertaling met één of twee jaar \'middelbareschool-Duits\' goed te lezen.
    Added by onsmartin

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