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Books and articles

Literature can refer to many areas. On one hand it could refer to more general books and articles about fossils on the other hand it can also refer to so called peer reviewed scientific publications. In between we can find a grey area, articles with scientific content but which has not been peer reviewed and publicized in a scientific journal. Think about articles in the leaflet of your local geological club. This page describes almost all forms of literature regarding fossils.

Under the section  ‘scientific literature’ you can find an explanation about peer reviewed scientific literature. The section  ‘popular science literature’ gives  an overview of more popular basic/general  work, mainly books. As grand finale there also is an overview of location specific literature, this overview comprehends scientific and popular literature.

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Scientific literature

If you want to have access to the most up to date information about a topic of interest it is often needed that you will dive into (peer reviewed) scientific literature. For most amateurs there are some practical issues preventing them to have access to such literature. Often it is costly or only available for “actual scientists”. Also a lot of times information about one specific topic is spread over a vast array of articles publicized in various scientific magazines. One solution to the latter problem is membership of a scientific library, but even then you should check in advance if the library has a subscription with the magazine of your interest. Often natural history museums have subscriptions to most of the relevant paleontological and geological magazines with the possibility of making a copy in their library.

Online there are several databases with search engines with the focus on scientific literature. To use some of these databases require membership or affinity with an organization (with a membership) e.g. ‘ISI WEB or Knowledge’. These databases are not easily accessible for the general public. 

Others like ‘Sciencedirect’ will let you search in their database, this way at least the abstracts and summaries of most articles are available for the general public. The by far most accessible and powerful search engine for scientific articles has to be Google scholar.

The commercialization of scientific articles by some publishers is the reason for the current unavailability and high costs. Luckily things are changing nowadays and more and more literature is available through open access journals.

Popular science literature

Collecting and fossil preparation

General Geology

General Paleontology

Recreational identification

Dinosaurs general

Sharks teeth general

Ammonites general

Brachiopods general

Trilobites general

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