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WFW-Fossiel.net Fossil Fair Ede 2015

The first edition of the 

Fossiel.net-WFW-PBKring Fossil Fair, March 14th 2015, a retrospect

After months of planning and organizing, on Saturday, march the 14th 2015 it was finaly there: The WFW-Fossiel.net-Paleobiologische Kring Fossil Fair in Ede, The Netherlands! This was a very special moment for us, as it was the largest fossil-related event of the Netherlands!

For the organization, we decided to invite different parties to join forces: Fossiel.net as the representative of the online community of fossil collectors, the Paleobiologische Kring as the party with the contacts within the ‘professional circuit’ and the Werkgroep Fossielen Wageningen as the local partner. The idea was to combine the concept of a fossil fair, where people can buy and exchange fossils, with infostands of museums and organizations and with a series of approachable lectures, to be organized by the Paleobiologische Kring.

It was increadably exiting: to set up a new event, from scratch and without precedent. In the beginning, the subscriptions by exhibitor started slowely, but this soon changed as the date of the fossil fair approached. 


In the end, we were able to bring together an impressive list of exhibitors. With a varied offer of fossils, participation by geological societies such as the WTKP and WPZ and museums such as the Natural History Museum of Maastricht ánd with well-known speakers such as Prof. Dr. Jelle Reumer, this event was bound to be a success! And it was a success. At the opening of the fair, the visitors rushed in. There were many locals present, but also collectors from all over the country. In the end, more the 400 visitors were counted, which is not a bad number, for a first edition.  

The offer was varied, the stands were popular and the lecture room was crowded.  In retrospect, we can safely say that this event was very successful.  Off course, such a successful event asks for a repetition. There will be a second edition on Saturday March 12th 2016. We are surely looking forward to the 2016 edition!


Johan Vellekoop


Team Fossiel.net

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