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Top finds of 2014

Each year hundreds, maybe even thousands, of fossils are unearthed by our members. Many of these find their way to our forums. Sometimes, truly beautiful specimens are shared with the community: an exceptionally preserved specimen, or a rarity. Maybe just a nice fossil with a cool story. Here, we bring some of these finds together. This list is only a selection, and obviously we missed some of the cool stuff. Do you know of a fossil found in 2014 that should be in this list? Do not hesitate to let us know!

One thing is clear: the sand spit 'Zandmotor' yielded fantastic material in 2014. Therefore, it is appropriate to start this overview with some ice age bones and teeth from the Dutch coastline.  

lower mammoth molar (M3), Zandmotor (Patrick3008)

Juvenile mammoth molar, Maasvlakte (Ravi5007)


Megaloceras jaw fragment with teeth, Zandmotor (Niek)


Ursus! Zandmotor. (Zandmotor)


Another bear, right upper jaw. Zandmotor (Rick99)

kootje leeuw

Lion phalange (Optimo)

Walrus tusk, Zandmotor (Patrick3008)

Aurochs or Steppe bison (Andersschinkel)

Mammoth molar with a twist (Rick99)

Same, nice preservation (Ravi5007)

One still in the jawbone (Ravi5007)

And a last one just for fun! (Optimo)


But not only the Dutch coastline yielded mammal fossils.


Seal molar, Antwerp (Strandjutters)


Shark teeth are typically well presented in Dutch-Flemish collections. The closure of the famous Mill locality leaves much to be desired, however. But much digging has been going on in the Antwerp region. And also the Lichtenberg horizon was well exposed in the ENCI quarry. 


Hemipristis serra, Antwerp (Extincthunter)


Megalodon, Antwerp (Gigi)

Another one, same location (Paleoman)

Extremely rare Protolamna borodini (Cappetta &case 1975), romontbos horizont, maastrichtian of Eben Emael (Wally)


Parasymphisair megalodon, Antwerp (Ewoudploeg)

A series of 'sun teeth', or symphisair Notorhynchus (Paleoman)


Other vertebrate find were done in the North of France, but also closer to home.  


Croc tooth as found, Wimereux (Sjaak)


'Poepiedoe' the fish coprolite, Cenomanian of Cap Blanc Nez. Professionaly cleaned on the spot using the mouth. Brave.  (Spongebob) 

Footprint of Rhynchosaurides peabodyi ( FABER 1958 ) from the Onder-Muschelkalk of Winterswijk. Exceptional preservation showing the scutes! (Spoorzoeker)

Mosasaur tooth (crushed) (Dirk)


Some serious excavation was done in Poland. These excursions will again be organised in 2015. Like to participate?  Read this!


Jawbone of Cyclotosaurus, Carnian (upper-Triassic) during excavations at Krasiejów, Poland (Ziepe)


Invertebrates were also well represented. 

Cypraea nucleus from the Pleistocene of Egypt. (Brammiej)


Cummingella belisama, Carboniferous, Belgium (Maurice)

Axagnostus fallax (Linnarson, 1869), Cambrian, Norway (MarkW)


Nu just another Hemipneustes: flint core of H. oculatus (De Dinodolsjes)

Peltura sp., upper cambrian, Norway. (MarkW)


Wall fragment of Cetopirus complanatus, a barnacle on the north atlantic right whale (Balaena glacialis), region of Domburg (mussels)

unidentified plant fossil, ENCI (Jurassic Lars)

Brittle star, Maastrichtian cretaceous (Caveman)

Gastropod (Aporrhaidae indet.), Horizont of Laumont, 'T Rooth (Hubertus68)

 Gastropoda indet., Provence, France (ROAB)



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