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Mill: A special location

Today, peace has returned to Mill, but that was not always the case in recent times.
During the past decades, the sandquarry in Mill (Langenboom) had a special reputation among fossil enthusiasts. This, of course, first and foremost because of the beautiful shark teeth and other fossils from the Miocene and Pliocene that could be found there. But also because of the creativity of the searchers to fish these gems out of the mud.
Besides the traditional way to find fossils in Mill, a new method has been developed. Was the first time just a sieve and a shovel, then collectors in Mill rigorously broken with that tradition. The collectors moved closer to the sand pump in order anyway to have the best scoop. The hand sieves became bigger, and innovative technical adjustments were copied, tested and improved.

This is called evolution!

Throughout this evolutionary process the sieves develloped diverse strange shapes, handles and wheels. The attire of the searchers showed signs of adaptation to wet conditions: green and yellow waders and oilskins were getting bulkier, more concealing. Gradually the collector adapted too. The eyes and senses became less important, and the collector developed an extraordinary sense of touch. The Mill Mud Men ( H. sapiens var . aquaterrestris) were born. In what is was time of abundance and friendship, the Mill mud men and women all met under the sand pump, in an amateur paleontological celebratory banquet that has no equal.

Mill Mud Men in their natural habitat.

It did not always ran smoothly, and people sometimes hastily had to find a refuge. View the next picture show:


" ... Yes ... That is it.... ! "

" ... First a little hiccup ......"

" ... then he has a cough ..... "

" ... a cough ........"

".... vomitting ......"

" ..... whaaa! "

" ... Shit ... what's wrong with him now ... ! "

" .... I take cover ! "

Get out ... save yoursef!
Hogst (Poilu); translation: FL

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