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The Placodermi, or armoured fish are a class of primitive fish. They appeared at the end of the Silurian, and during the mass extinction in the Upper Devonian, most species became extinct. The remaining species have become extinct at the end of the Devonian period. They are the oldest known animals that had a mandible (lower jaw).

The placoderms are probably closely related to the Ostracodermi and Chondrichthyes. The placoderms lived in the sea as well as in fresh water, where most species lived as a predator. Both active predators and filter feeders have been found. The anterior part of the body was largely armored with bony plates. The tail was flexible. Armoured fish could reach considerable dimensions. From some fossils showed that some placoderms were viviparous. Examples of known species of placoderms are Dunkleosteus, Coccosteus, Wangolepsis and Rolfosteus.

Fossil remains of Dunkleosteus have been found in Devonian deposits from Morocco and Belgium.



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