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A suture or suture line is in general terms the seam between different parts of an organism. The exact meaning of the word varies from group to group. Following the main explanations are quoted.

For cephalopods (cephalopoda), the line where the partitions between the rooms are connected to the outer shell are called suture lines.
This line can form simple paterns (e.g. in Nautilus or orthocones), or more complex patterns (e.g. in ammonites). Especially for the latter group, the shape of the suture lines sometimes an important factor for the identification. The suture lines of cephalopods are usually visible only on the internal molds when the original scale is gone.

Close up the suture lines in an ammonite


For trilobites (Trilobita) sutere linea refer to the facial suture seam. This is the seam along the cephalon that can split open when mouting of the old skin takes place. The suture separates the cheeks (librigena) and the rest of the cephalon.

 Because librigena is partly loose, the suture in this trilobite (Gerastos) is clearly visible


In vertebrates the suture indicates the complex seam between bones of the skull.

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