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Ammonitida (Ammonites)
uit het Jurassic Lower Jurassic Toarcian
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?Calliphylloceras sp. jv.
?Catacoeloceras sp.
Dactylioceras commune Sowerby, 1815
Dactylioceras semicelatum Simpson, 1843
Dactylioceras sp.
Hammatoceras insigne (Schübler in Zieten 1831)
Harpoceras falciferum (Sowerby, 1820)
Harpoceras spec.
Harpoceras (Cornaptychi) sp.
Harpoceras (Harpoceras) serpentinum Schlotheim, 1813
Haugia variabilis d'Orbigny 1844
Hildoceras bifrons Bruguière, 1789
Hildoceras levisoni (Simpson, 1910)
Hildoceras lusitanicum Meister, 1913
Hildoceras sp.
Lytoceras cornucopia Young & Bird, 1822
Lytoceras sp.
Mucrodactylites mucronatus d´Orbigny, 1845
Paroniceras sternale d'Orbigny 1845
Pleydellia costula Reinecke
Pleydellia sp. Buckmann 1904
Pleydellia subcompta (Branco, 1879)
Pseudolioceras compatile Simson 1855
Ptychophylloceras sp.

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