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Ammonitida (Ammonites)
uit het Cretaceous
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Acanthoceras rhotomagense (Brongniart, 1822)
Acanthoceras sp.
Anahoplites planus (Mantell, 1822)
Anahoplites sp.
Ancyloceras sp.
Baculites anceps Lamarck, 1822
Baculites sp.
Baculites vertebralis Lamarck, 1801
Cheloniceras sp. Hyatt 1903
Crioceratites nolani (Kilian, 1919)
Dimorpholites ?biplicatus
Dimorpholites parkinsoni
Dimorpholites sp.
Diplomoceras cylindraceum (Defrance, 1816)
Dipoloceras sp.
Discoscaphites conradi (Morton, 1834)
Dufrenoyia furcata (Sowerby, 1836)
Epihoplites compressus
Epihoplites trifidus Spath, 1923
Epihoplites(Metaclavites) compressus (Parona & Bonarelli 1897)
Eubaculites carinatus (Morton, 1834)
Euhoplites alphalautus (Spath 1925)
Euhoplites inornatus Spath, 1928
Euhoplites sp.
Eupholites subcrenatus
Gargasiceras sp.
Hamites sp.
Holcophylloceras sp.
Hoplites dentatus (Sowerby, 1821)
Hoplites sp.
Hoplites sp. aff. dentatus J. Sowerby 1821
Hoploscaphites constrictus Machalski, 2005
Hoploscaphites constrictus constrictus (Sowerby, 1817)
Hoploscaphites constrictus crassus (Łopuski,1911)
Hoploscaphites constrictus johnjagti Machalski, 2005
Hoploscaphites felderi Kennedy, 1987
Hoploscaphites greenlandicus (Donovan, 1953)
Hypophylloceras paquieri (Sayn, 1920)
Mantelliceras sp.
Menuites fresvillensis (Seunes, 1890)
Mortoniceras inflatum Sowerby, 1818
Mortoniceras sp.
Phylloceras sp.
Platylenticeras sp. Hyatt, 1900
Schloenbachia varians (Sowerby, 1817)
Sphenodiscus binckhorsti Boehm, 1898
Tetragonites obscurus Schlüter, 1872a
Turrilites acutus Passy, 1832

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