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Batoidea (Rays)
uit het Paleogene Eocene
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?Myliobatis sp.
Archaeomanta melenhorsti Herman, 1979
Burnhamia daviesi (Woodward, 1889)
Burnhamia sp.
Burnhamia woodwardi Woodward 1889
Coupatezia woutersi Cappetta, 1982
Hypolophodon sylvestris White, 1931
Leidybatis jugosus (Leidy, 1876)
Myliobatis sp.
Pristis lathami Galeotti, 1837
Pristis propinquidens Casier, 1949
Rhinobatos bruxelliensis (Jaekel, 1894)
Rhinoptera sp.
Rhynchobatus vincenti Jaekel, 1894

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