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Porifera (Sponges)
uit het Cretaceous Upper Cretaceous
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Chenendopora fungiformis Lamouroux, 1821
Chenendopora sp.
Coeloptychium sp. Goldfuss, 1826
Jerea clavata Pocta, 1892
Jerea excavata (Goldfuss, 1830)
Jereica punctata Goldfuss, 1826-33
Phymaraphinia infundibuliformis Schrammen, 1901
Phymaraphinia sp. Schrammen, 1901
Phymatella tuberosa (Quenstedt, 1878)
Porosphaera globularis Phillips, 1829
Rhizopoterion cervicornis (Goldfuss, 1826)
Siphonia incrassata (Goldfuss)
Siphonia multioculata Michelin, 1844
Siphonia pyriformis Goldfuss, 1833
Siphonia pyriformis form. tubulosa (Goldfuss, 1833)
Siphonia sp.
Stachyspongia tuberculosa (Roemer, 1864)
Turonia cerebriformis Schrammen, 1910
Turonia sp. Michelin, 1847
Turonia variabilis Michelin, 1847

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