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Polychaeta (Serpulids, Scoledonts, ...)
uit het Cretaceous Upper Cretaceous
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Bipygmaeus pigmaeus (von Hagenow, 1840)
Filograna filosa (Dujardin, 1837)
Filogranula cincta (Goldfuss, 1831)
Glandifera rustica (Sowerby, 1829)
Glomerula serpentina Goldfuss, 1831
Neomicrorbis crenatostriatus crenatostriatus (M√ľnster in Goldfuss, 1831)
Neovermilia ampullacea SOWERBY, 1829
Placostegus sp. Philippi, 1844
Pyrgopolon mosae mosae De Montfort, 1808
Pyrgopolon (Hamulus) cf. sexcarinatus (Goldfuss, 1841)
Pyrgopolon (Hamulus) sexcarinatus (Goldfuss, 1841)
Vermiliopsis fluctuata (Sowerby, 1829)

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