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Pteridospermophyta (Seed ferns)
uit het Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Moscovian
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Alethopteris serlii (Brongniart) Göppert 1836
Alethopteris sp.
Eusphenopteris striata (Gothan) Novik 1947
Karinopteris cf. acuta (Brongniart) Boersma 1972
Karinopteris robusta (Kidston) Boersma 1972
Laveineopteris cf. rarinervis (Bunbury) Cleal et al. 1990
Lonchopteris rugosa Brongniart 1835
Macroneuropteris sp.
Mariopteris sauveurii (Brongniart) Frech 1899
Reticulopteris münsterii (Eichwald) Gothan 1941

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