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Pteridospermophyta (Seed ferns)
uit het Carboniferous Pennsylvanian
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?Neuropteris sp. (sensu lato)
Alethopteris cf. serlii (Brongn.) Göppert 1836
Alethopteris davreuxii (Brongniart) Zeiller 1886
Alethopteris decurrens Sternberg 1825
Alethopteris lonchitica Schlotheim 1820
Alethopteris serlii (Brongniart) Göppert 1836
Alethopteris sp.
Callipteridium jongmansii (Behrend) Wagner 1958
Callipteridium (Eucallipteridium) gigas (Gutbier) Weiss 1877
Cyclopteris sp.
Eusphenopteris obtusiloba (Brongniart) Novik 1947
Eusphenopteris sp.
Eusphenopteris striata (Gothan) Novik 1947
Eusphenopteris trigonophylla (Behrend) van Amerom 1975
Holcospermum sp.
Karinopteris cf. acuta (Brongniart) Boersma 1972
Karinopteris robusta (Kidston) Boersma 1972
Laveineopteris bourozii (Laveine) Laveine 2005
Laveineopteris cf. dussartii (Laveine) Laveine 2005
Laveineopteris cf. rarinervis (Bunbury) Cleal et al. 1990
Laveineopteris cf. tenuifolia (Schlotheim) Cleal et al. 1990
Laveineopteris rarinervis (Bunbury) Cleal et al. 1990
Laveineopteris tenuifolia (Schlotheim) Cleal et al. 1990
Linopteris neuropteroides (Gutbier) Zeiller 1899
Lonchopteris rugosa Brongniart 1835
Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri (Hoffmann) Cleal et al. 1990
Macroneuropteris sp.
Mariopteris muricata Sternberg 1825
Mariopteris nervosa (Brongniart) Zeiller 1879
Mariopteris sauveurii (Brongniart) Frech 1899
Mariopteris sp.
Neuropteris cf. hollandica Stockmans 1933
Neuropteris flexuosa Sternberg, 1825
Odontopteris cf. brardii (Brongniart) Sternberg 1825
Odontopteris minor Brongniart 1831
Palmatopteris sturii Gothan 1913
Paripteris pseudogigantea (Potonié) Gothan, 1953
Reticulopteris münsterii (Eichwald) Gothan 1941
Trigonocarpus sp.

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