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Anthozoa (Corals)
uit het Silurian
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Acervularia sp.
Aulopora sp.
Catenipora sp.
Circophyllum sp.
Cyathophyllum sp.
Dalmanophyllum sp.
Entelophylum sp.
Favosipora sp.
Favosites polymorphus Jux, 1960
Favosites sp.
Goniophyllum pyramidale (Hisinger, 1829)
Halysites sp.
Heliolites interstinctus (Linnaeus, 1767)
Heliolites sp.
Holophragma sp.
Ketophyllum sp.
Kodonophyllum truncatum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Laceripora sp.
Pachypora sp.
Palaeocyclus porpita (Linnaeus, 1767)
Paleofavosites sp.
Planalveolites sp.
Propora conferta Milne-Edwards & Haime, 1851
Propora tubulata (Lonsdale, 1839)
Sarcinula sp.
Schlotheimophyllum patellatum (Schlotheim, 1820)
Schlotheimophyllum sp.
Stauria sp.
Strombodes strombodes
Subalveolitella sp.
Subalveolites sp.
Syringopora bifurcata Lonsdale, 1839
Syringopora sp.
Tenuiphyllum sp.
Thamnopora sp.
Thecia confluens Eichwald, 1854
Thecia saaremica Klaamann, 1961
Thecia swinderniana (Goldfuss, 1829)
Weissermelia sp.

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