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Anthozoa (Corals)
uit het Devonian
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Acanthophyllum sp. Dybowski, 1874
Acanthophyllum (?) sp.
Acathophyllum sp.
Alveolites sp.
Aulopora schoharie Hall, 1874
Aulopora serpens Goldfuss, 1829
Calceola sandalina (Linnaeus, 1771)
Calceola sandalina var. lata (Linnaeus, 1771)
Cyathaxonia cornu Michelin, 1847
Cyathopaedium radicans (Schultz, 1883)
Cyathophyllum planum tabulatum (Quenstedt, 1879)
Disphyllum cf. caespitosum (Goldfuss, 1826)
Disphyllum quadrigeminum (Goldfuss, 1826)
Dohmophyllum helianthoides (Goldfuss, 1826)
Favosites conicus Hall, 1874
Favosites foerstei Dunbar 1920
Favosites goldfussi d'Orbigny, 1850
Favosites sp.
Favosites sp. ("basalticus")
Heliolites porosus Goldfuss, 1826
Heliolites sp.
Hexagonaria hexagona Goldfuss, 1826
Hexagonaria percarinata Stumm, 1969
Hexagonaria sp.
Macgeea bouchardi Milne-Edwards & Haime
Mesophyllum (Mesophyllum) maximum maximum (Schl├╝ter, 1882)
Paraconularia tubericosta (Sandberger)
Pleurodictyum lenticulare Hall, 1874
Pleurodictyum problematicum Goldfuss, 1829
Pleurodictyum trifoliatum Dunbar 1916
Streptelasma strictum Hall, 1874
Thamnopora cervicornis (de Blainville, 1830)

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