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Newest Fossil from Fossil ID system

Fossil from Fossil ID system

Chisel flat middle 19x200 with hand protection
7.50 EUR

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16 species from Tykbutak, Kazakhstan

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Other Elasmobranchs

Archaeolamna ex. gr. kopingensis (Davis, 1890)
Eostriatolamia segedini L. S. Glikman & A. O. Averianov 1998
Eostriatolamia venusta (Leriche, 1906)
Hispidaspis horrida Sokolov, 1978
Micropristis solomonis Hay 1903
Paraorthacodus nerviensis Leriche 1911
Protolamna arcuata Mueller & Diedrich 1991
Ptychotrygon vermiculata Cappetta 1975
Scapanorhynchus rhaphiodon (Agassiz, 1843)
Squalicorax anacorax santohicus (Gluckman & Zhelesko, 1979)
Squalicorax curvatus Williston 1900
Squalicorax kaupi (Agassiz, 1843)
Squatina decipiens Dalinkevicius 1935
Squatina hassei Leriche 1911
Squatina havreensis Herman 1975
Synechodus lerichei Herman, 1977

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