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Coral Verdun F3194
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13 species from Jince, Czech Republic

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Conocoryphe cirina (Barrande, 1846)
Conocoryphe sulzeri Schlotheim, 1823
Ellipsocephalus hoffi Schlotheim, 1823
Litavkaspis rejkovicensis Fatka et al., 1987
Mikaparia mutica (Hawle & Corda, 1847)
Paradoxides gracilis Boeck, 1827
Paradoxides minor (Boeck, 1827)
Paradoxides pusillus Snajdr, 1957
Paradoxides pusilus (Barrande, 1846)
Paradoxides rotundatus (Barrande, 1846)
Paradoxides sirokyi Snajdr, 1957
Peronopsis integra Beyrich, 1845
Ptychoparia striata Emmrich, 1839

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