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New Book available: J. Höflinger & N. Jung - Rhynchonelliden des deutschen Devon

bazongawonz   11-01-2019 at 10:44

Junior Member
Registered: 21-09-2015
Messages: 4

Hello everybody!

Finally, the new project "Die Rhynchonelliden des deutschen Devons" is finished and the book is in print.
Hereby we were actively supported by numerous collectors - a warm "thank you" for your help!

This book is focussed on the Rhynchonellidae (Brachiopoda) of the Devonian of Germany. Samples from direct neighboring countries (eg Belgium, France, Poland) were taken into account, if an occurrence of these species in the German area is to be assumed.
Described are more than 170 species; with historical illustrations, numerous drawings and photos of over 300 specimen.
The book has 224 pages, hardcover binding and thread stitching. The language is in german.

The price for the book is 22 Euro, shipping within Germany is already included. The price for foreign shipment depends on the effort.

When ordering, please include the shipping address (and the billing address, if different). With the book you will receive the bill with the bank details. Payment in advance is not required.

You can order the book directly via E-Mail : juergen.hoeflinger@o2online.de or nils.steinkern@gmail.com

We would be happy if the book appealed to you interest!


PS: The book is in print now! It will be available at the end of january

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FossilDude   11-01-2019 at 11:05

Photo Moderator
Registered: 24-11-2007
Messages: 1352

Thanks for sharing this with us, Nils!

Looks like an interesting work!

Van je hobby je beroep maken.... kan het nog beter?