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Belgium or Netherlands Hunting

Ptillman   11-07-2018 at 01:35

Junior Member
Registered: 18-08-2012
Messages: 2

My wife is from Neerpelt, Belgium and we come there every September for a couple of weeks. Anyone interested in trading for some Texas fossils or maybe sharing hunt sites in the area? I’d gladly return the favor for anyone visiting the Dallas area. We mostly find Arrowheads, Mosasaur, Shark, Gastropods, Xiphactinus,Ammonites, Baculite and Echinoids in our area. Thanks!

Duys   11-07-2018 at 09:26

Senior Member
Registered: 15-05-2008
Messages: 2788

Neerpelt, probably best to head to the chalk pits,like Enci in Maastricht. There are some more LINK but well out of my radius. So it's all i got.

sjaak   11-07-2018 at 10:13

Senior Member
Registered: 28-03-2006
Messages: 5169

Not very close to Neerpelt but you can hunt on the beaches of Maasvlakte 2 (Rotterdam area) or Zandmotor (The Hague area) if you are interested in Pleistocene. If lucky you can find mammoth bones or teeth or even holocene bone or flint artefacts.

[Bewerkt door sjaak op 11-07-2018 om 10:14 NL]



Ptillman   17-07-2018 at 00:22

Junior Member
Registered: 18-08-2012
Messages: 2

Thank you for the help!

KoenJ   18-07-2018 at 05:18

Senior Member
Registered: 23-02-2015
Messages: 1188

Hi Patrick,

On saturday the 1st of september you can join a field trip to the scrap heaps of coal mines in Brunssum: LINK

On the 26th you can join a trip to a gravel pit near Stein: LINK

To enter the ENCI-quarry, you can also contact the regional departement of the Dutch geological society, which also arranges both of the above mentioned field trips.

For trading, it might be a good idea to post some pictures. I can't imagine none of the members of this forum are interested.