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What is this?

paleobear   06-09-2009 at 11:03

Junior Member
Registered: 19-08-2009
Messages: 18

Hi to all, my name is Tommy from Romania, and I am a newbie on fossiel.net.
I have found this (see picture) in a quarry near the city of Brasov in Romania.
I think that it is a Inoceramid, but I am not sure. It was inside a big concretion. The dimension of the specimen is 20cm in lenght aprox. In the same location I found some echinoid spines and ammonite fragments. Can you help me to exactly identify this?

RonB   06-09-2009 at 15:24

Normal Member
Registered: 17-10-2007
Messages: 58

Hey Tommy. That looks like the impression of an Inoceramus clam.

Still a kid diggin in the dirt

paleobear   06-09-2009 at 16:19

Junior Member
Registered: 19-08-2009
Messages: 18

Thanks Ron!

Gerrit-Jan   08-09-2009 at 17:58

Senior Member
Registered: 21-01-2006
Messages: 5495

Albert Einstein said:
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.


Great line!!!

Niets is leuker dan fossielen zoeken met vrienden

paleobear   11-09-2009 at 13:09

Junior Member
Registered: 19-08-2009
Messages: 18

I wish it wasn't true

What is strange about that ''thing'' that I found is that there was no trace of any kind of shell material, just the riples on both sides of the concretion in wich i find it.
Meanwile somebody told me that it could be a tracefossil - Zoophycos.
look here: